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<Part 3> What happened to SALAM SHOP?

Salam Ladies (and may be Gents!) 💐🧕🏻

Its middle of December now and Xmas is coming… I know I am muslim and some other muslim may get offensive if I congratulate christians, but my mother had taught me since I was child that I must respect other religion especially Christian and Judaism because we are the same people of the Book.

So Xmas is yet not my thing, but for all Christian people, Happy Xmas! 🎄🎉

Let’s continue about HALAL LIFE story then!

I started working with HALAL LIFE from May 2016.

My job was very simple, I just had to update at least once a week on facebook page, about our activity.

I felt bit awkward because I thought I will be interviewing people and decide layouts of magazine contents…but it was nothing like that at all, I was actually almost not allowed to be involved in creating magazine except helping in one article of introducing summer style in summer edition.

One time we had this chance of collaborating with an organization who were planning to host Halal Lifestyle Expo, but the Organizer has decided to cancel the event. (…sigh)

Seem like there was a serious miscommunication between editor and management, the editor wanted me to support her work without me involving it deeply, and the management wanted me to concentrate on online marketing.

After month of conflict and issued the 5th edition, things went all different.
I have already given birth to second child and about to admit him to nursery, my boss has offered me a new opportunity, which is to run Online Store.

Yes, I had already my own online store, but if I manage their online Halal Store, they would buy all my merchandise and I can temporary close mine and start managing theirs.

My new post was not just running online store but also to purchase new Halal merchandise from all around the world so do the business meeting and negotiating would also be my job, it was a huge responsibility.

I felt very challenging at that point and little bit disappointed about not doing the magazine anymore, but since my children will be full time in nursery, I thought about my developing my career.

I accepted the offer and start building a shopping site slowly, and asked some affiliated company to continue cooperate in new project.

Middle of  2017, thats when SALAM SHOP opening project has started.

I think it was about late 2017, the SALAM SHOP was opened and immediately registering various merchandize on the shop.

But we did not seriously think that there was a problem awaiting us at this time.

That’s all for today!
I know it will be better to write all in one, but since there are a lot more things to do and very hard to manage the time! 🤣

Please drop any comments or opinion in the comment box below!
(Aggressive criticism will be deleted)

Jazakallah khairan for reading this article!



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What happened to SALAM SHOP?

Salam Ladies (and may be Gents!) 💐
Oh my Allah! It's November already!
My last post was on August so it's been already 3 months! What had happened?! lol
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