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What happened to SALAM SHOP?

Salam Ladies (and may be Gents!) ๐Ÿ’

Oh my Allah! It's November already!

My last post was on August so it's been already 3 months!
What had happened?! lol

Oh well, what happened was, that SALAM SHOP had CLOSED permanently.

Yep I know, it must be shocking for some people.
It was such a short period of time running that online store.
So some people are curious and had asked me why I have closed the shop.

Well let me tell you something.

SALAM SHOP has never been my shop. lol

Many people thought I own that shop, but thats not correct.

I was working for a company called Ace Dentsu Inc (following described as Ace),
and that company had published HALAL LIFE magazine and thats how all started.

It was started by an employee of Ace who is Muslimah and one day just very random she approached to her boss (the founder of Ace) and came up with idea of SALAM SHOP, because Halal Products were totally booming at that time.

Ace is networking company and has nothing to do with Islam or Halal.
But my boss got interested to start this side business by selling halal products.
So they have started to import products from abroad which were mainly beauty skin care things.
Before they start the process they have sent them to lab to check if there are any chemical ingredients that might be not approved by ministry of health.

The result was...very disappointing.

Some ingredients were not allowed to be sold in Japan, so they could not get approved to sell in Japan.

They thought to give up selling, but this Muslimah came up another idea to release free papers for muslims in Japan.
They thought to earn income by offering advertisement on the paper.

When they start looking around to make interesting content, they found ME.

This how I got to know HALAL LIFE.

That time I was managing online store all by myself which I started since 2013.
(It was a year I started wearing Hijab)

The Muslimah contacted me if they can interview me for their articles about influential Muslimahs in Japan.
I thought this could be one of most great opportunity ever.
So I answered YES.


I think this is going to be bit long, so I will divide this story in some parts.
That's it for today and please wait for the next part!

Jazakallah Khairan!



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