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English in "My Conversion"

Assalam Aleikom Ladies and Gents!

I have been receiving some inquiries via my Youtube Channel regarding Revert Story and I would like to answer here.

For the first video, some people been asking me to add english subtitle in the very first video, but unfortunately, I do not have the original file to edit and add.

If anyone would volunteer to download from youtube and add English on Japanese, I would be happy to ask, but I can not work on it from my end...I am so sorry.

If anyone would volunteer to translate and add English subtitle in my video, please let me know :)

Additionally I have to let you know guys that while I was editing the 3rd interview, I found that most of the video was interrupted badly by wind and caused hell of noise in the video, which is unable to hear and understand.
I have contacted the interviewee again to re-arrange the interview, the person was very cooperative and accepted the request, so we are going to shoot the 3rd again.

Meantime, I will work on 4th interview and release it before 3rd.

Hopefully inshallah everyone enjoying this summer as much as I do! :D

Have a blessed day lovely people!


 The selfie SelfPortrait


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