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Changing my object of Youtube Videos

Salam Ladies (and may be Gents!)

It was such a hectic Summer this year!
Looking at my Schedule in August, just makes me WOW.
I cannot believe I did all this!
* I have hidden some parts for some confidentiality...

The biggest event in this month was that I co-hosted in a TV show "Chef in Hijab" by Amanda Saab who challenged in Master Chef before (and yes she is a great cook!). 
My part was little bit in Tokyo area.
It is planned to be aired in end of this year so I will let you know guys when I find out the date.
(Although I think it will be in Singapore lol)

My very first debut in TV was in Indonesian TV, TRANS TV.
If you would like to watch, and you understand either Japanese and/or Indonesian,
please watch from the below Youtube link:

Currently there are so many tasks I have to complete and feels like endless.
First and most importantly, I need to get a license for scooter.
In Japan, it is kind of a status if you have a driving licnese because you are carrying a most valid and strong identification, interestingly NOT a PASSPORT.
I lived all my life in abroad and I always thought PASSPORT is the most trusted identification,
but looks like not in JAPAN.
So I am studying now by iPhone App to pass the exam.

and there are many many many more others will be shared soon...

Anyway, there will be big movement and change in my life soon and I will inform you when it is going to happen!

Thank you for reading my blog.
No need to share or subscribe my blog but please subscribe to my Youtube Channel. lol

Wassalam and Barakallah (God Bless) to all of you!
Nana Darweesh


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