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Changing my object of Youtube Videos

Salam Ladies (and may be Gents!)
It was such a hectic Summer this year! Looking at my Schedule in August, just makes me WOW. I cannot believe I did all this! * I have hidden some parts for some confidentiality...
The biggest event in this month was that I co-hosted in a TV show "Chef in Hijab" by Amanda Saab who challenged in Master Chef before (and yes she is a great cook!).  My part was little bit in Tokyo area. It is planned to be aired in end of this year so I will let you know guys when I find out the date. (Although I think it will be in Singapore lol)
My very first debut in TV was in Indonesian TV, TRANS TV. If you would like to watch, and you understand either Japanese and/or Indonesian, please watch from the below Youtube link:

Currently there are so many tasks I have to complete and feels like endless. First and most importantly, I need to get a license for scooter. In Japan, it is kind of a status if you have a driving licnese because you are carrying a most vali…

English in "My Conversion"

Assalam Aleikom Ladies and Gents!
I have been receiving some inquiries via my Youtube Channel regarding Revert Story and I would like to answer here.
For the first video, some people been asking me to add english subtitle in the very first video, but unfortunately, I do not have the original file to edit and add.
If anyone would volunteer to download from youtube and add English on Japanese, I would be happy to ask, but I can not work on it from my end...I am so sorry.
If anyone would volunteer to translate and add English subtitle in my video, please let me know :)
Additionally I have to let you know guys that while I was editing the 3rd interview, I found that most of the video was interrupted badly by wind and caused hell of noise in the video, which is unable to hear and understand. I have contacted the interviewee again to re-arrange the interview, the person was very cooperative and accepted the request, so we are going to shoot the 3rd again.
Meantime, I will work on 4th inter…